Update on the DELUXE edition of LGBT+films

Hello everybody!

Sorry for the wait for an update. But until we have had some news we didn’t think it was appropriate to answer with “we are working on it”, it is not the right answer to give after such a long time. First of all, let me explain what has happened during this time:

  • June 2021: we contacted the printer for printing. In theory, they were going to meet the delivery times. We closed the quote and placed the order.
  • July 2021: they tell us that the holographic paper for the special edition is going to take a little longer because they don’t currently have it and it is difficult to find.
  • August 2021: we have no news from the printer. Neither for the standard edition nor the special edition. We tried to contact them without success.
  • September 2021: we manage to get news and they tell us that they have printed all the inside pages of the two editions, but that the covers are missing. Due to the global paper and cardboard crisis, they will do it as soon as they can. We are trying to put pressure on them because we are already way behind schedule.
  • October 2021: they send us the standard editions of the book but not the special edition of which we know that the pages are printed but not the covers or the external acetate.
  • January 2022: Finally I manage to talk to the printer (they did not respond to our emails and calls), and seeing that there are problems again, we decide to change printer.

So as of today, we have a new printer for the special edition, which seems to be on schedule and will be ready in February. So we will send it as soon as it arrives.

For us all this delay has been a huge problem, as we have not been able to launch any of the releases we have pending until we can complete this one and all the costs (shipping, printing, etc) have increased a lot during these months of 2021 and have made us go out of budget very quickly šŸ™

Once again, we are very sorry for the delay but we assure you that we are very focused on finishing this project and that you will enjoy it as much as you are enjoying the standard edition that many of you already have in your hands.

We will keep you updated, thank you! :-*