Killer Eyelashes

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International Edition

Cards and rulebook in English. You can download the rulebook in other languages here.

Game includes:

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The apocalypse is here…
And it’s beat by the gods!

Martian micro-organisms have proliferated within every single make-up product in the planet. Now, everyone who applies them becomes a glamor-thirsty zombie. Talk about shade, right?

But don’t panic – not everything is lost!

Possibly due a make-up overdose, Drag Queens have gained superpowers. Now they are humanity’s only hope for salvation – and they are more than ready to spill some tea.

A fierce game with high doses of madness and glamor!

Get ready to take on the role of a cabaret drag queen in her struggle to reach stardom while keeping her Dignity. To achieve it, you’ll complete challenges and face of against badly made-up zombies, undead celebrities and other eyesores.

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Dimensions 5 × 22 × 16 cm
Creado por

Fidel Lorite

Diseñado por

Fidel Lorite & Luis Castro


Josh Merrick


Efe Suárez

Fecha de lanzamiento

19 de Octubre de 2018




Edición en Español, Edición Internacional